Is it True that a Sports Bar Can be Healthy

When eating out at a sports bar, follow these tips to have some fun and enjoy a good meal.

Healthy Food

Q: Help!  The Big Game is coming up, and everyone is making plans to watch it at the local sports bar.  How can I find healthy choices at a sports bar?

A: The thought of finding healthy choices at a sports bar, especially during one of the biggest sporting events of the year, may seem like a tall order, but have no fear!  Occasions like this may be known for fried, gooey appetizers and dishes that are high in calories and fat and not in line with your health goals, but that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to enjoy during the big game.

When eating out at a sports bar, whether it’s for The Big Game or just a friendly get together, follow these healthy eating tips:

  1. Go lean on the protein – Protein is a pro at helping satisfy hunger, and when you stick with lean choices like grilled chicken, turkey, and shrimp, you can fill up without the added calories and fat.  Skip fried choices and be sure to ask about preparations to ensure there aren’t any hidden ingredients.  Look for lean protein in appetizers, topping salads, in sandwiches, and as the main ingredient in many healthier entrées.
  2. Round out your game plan with fruits and veggies – These days, with more and more people looking for healthier choices, it’s not too hard to find lower calorie fruits and veggies at every restaurant, including a sports bar.  Load up your sandwiches and burgers with extra veggies, swap fries for side salads or steamed veggie sides, opt for an entrée salad that’s light on higher calorie toppings and dressing or even snag the celery and carrots that came with your buddy’s wings.
  3. Don’t fumble your healthy diet, and make moderation your mantra – This isn’t a good plan for everyone, but if you have the willpower, a few fries, a soda or a brew on occasion won’t derail your diet.  If you prefer not to tempt yourself, keep it all out of reach, and stick to your lean protein and veggies for The Big Game.

Don’t give up watching one of the year’s sports highlights with friends at a sports bar!  Smarter, healthier choices can support your goals wherever you choose to eat out.