What Are Healthy Options at Seafood Restaurants?

What are the best menu choices to order at Seafood Restaurants?  Healthy Dining’s dietitians have the key words and ingredients to look for on the menu to help you make the best choices.

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Q: What Are the Healthy Options at Seafood Restaurants?
Seafood restaurants can be a great choice when your goal is making healthier choices at restaurants.  Generally, seafood eateries serve a variety of choices that are high in lean protein and beneficial omega 3 fats while at the same time lower in calories and overall fat content.  Of course, with that said, it’s important to know just how to make the best choices at these and any restaurant in order to avoid choices that may not be in line with your health goals.  Staying tuned in to key phrases on the menu and keeping your personal goals in mind, whether that’s weight loss, improving your cholesterol levels or lowering blood pressure, can help.
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Research Review: The Adventist Health Studies on Vegetarian Diets Here are our dietitian tips for making the best choices at seafood restaurants:

  1. Look for choices that are grilled, broiled or steamed.  Seafood choices that are fried, especially, tend to have much higher amounts of calories and fat.
  2. Opt for nutritious sides such as steamed veggies, plain baked potatoes and whole grains like wild rice to round out your meal without rounding out your waist.
  3. Be aware of extras such as sides of bread, cheese toppings and dipping butter, all of which can add extra calories and fat to your meal with little nutritional value.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for modifications to customize your dish.  Sauce on the side, alternate side dishes and specific preparations such as broiled instead of fried are common requests that most restaurants are happy to make.

Whether you’re a fan of the daily fresh fish, succulent shrimp, hearty clams or decadent lobster, you’ll find plenty of benefits in the healthy options at seafood restaurants.  Load up on lean protein and omega 3’s next time you sit down to eat with dietitian-recommended menu choices.