What Are Healthy Ways to Order Enchiladas?

Eating out healthy doesn’t have to mean giving up your favorite foods, such as burgers, pizza and enchiladas.  The most sustainable diets are those that include these foods made with healthier ingredients and/or enjoyed in moderation.  If you are a fan of Mexican food, here are 4 tips for ordering healthier enchiladas at any Mexican restaurant:

  1. Ask for healthy modifications when ordering. Swap the traditional cream sauce for salsa fresca or fresh pico de gallo, which helps reduce added fat and calories to your plate.
  2. Ask for condiments on the side. When ordering, ask for condiments like the sour cream and guacamole to be placed on the side or in separate containers; this way,  you are more aware of portions and can control the amount you use.
  3. Overdose of cheese? Many restaurants serve enchiladas covered in a layer of gooey cheese. In order to reduce the amount of fat and sodium, ask that the cook use less cheese during cooking and plating.
  4. Go vegetarian! Aside from the traditional favorites – beef, chicken, and cheese enchiladas – try the vegetarian route to bump up your vegetable intake for the day. Many restaurants now offer veggie versions of this classic, and it’s can be a great way to begin your week with a Meatless Monday!

Don’t give up your favorite foods; instead, make them healthier.  Order your next plate of enchiladas with these tips in mind