What are Some Healthy Mexican Food Choices?

Many Mexican restaurants offer Healthy Dining choices that include lean protein and fresh vegetables. Just try to limit fried foods and extras such as sour cream and cheese.

Full Question: “What are some healthy food choices when eating out at a Mexican restaurant?” 

Some great choices at Mexican restaurants include grilled chicken or fish tacos, a salad (you can use salsa as dressing!), or fajitas. Healthy side items include corn, nopales, black beans and brown rice – which are all high in fiber! Just remember to ask your server to leave off the sour cream and cheese, and go easy on items like guacamole. Try to limit or avoid the chips, which are often fried and usually come in a never-ending bowl.  It is always OK to request your server take away the chips if they are too tempting.  Also, keep in mind that corn tortillas are usually lower in calories than flour!  Restaurants like Casa de Pico and Riviera Mexican Grill have many Healthy Dining choices on their menu.