What Are the Benefits of Ginger?

Q: I’ve been eating more ginger in my meals because of the flavor, but does ginger also have health benefits?

Yes! Like so many other plants, ginger has been associated with some unique health benefits.  Often found in Asian dishes, ginger has a distinctive flavor that can add a hint of sweetness and spice.  It may be the main flavor of the meal such as Ginger Chicken or a supporting ingredient helping to add dimension to dishes like these.  Ginger may even round out the meal as part of tea or as a pickled side. However you choose to enjoy ginger, the rooty rhizome of the ginger plant, you may find some added health benefits.

Ginger has long been used as a natural remedy for nausea, but that’s not the only health benefit science is uncovering for this food.  In addition, ginger has been linked to digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits as well as some antioxidant benefits.  Some research indicates that ginger may help to relieve post-exercise pain, which could be especially helpful if you’re upping your fitness game this month!

Whether you’re adding fresh ginger to your tea to warm up on a cold day or ground ginger to your stir fry, soup or other recipes at home, do take advantage of this flavorful ingredient at home and dining out!  Look for it in a wide variety of menu choices at restaurants coast to coast.