What Are the Healthiest Ways to Order Sushi?

By Mary Parsons, MS, RD

Q: What are the healthiest ways to order sushi?

Most people think of sushi as a very healthy meal, and they’re not wrong! The focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients such as fish and vegetables in sushi certainly goes hand-in-hand with healthy dining. But no cuisine is without its caveats.

Follow our dietitian lead for your healthiest sushi meal yet!

  • Don’t overload on rice: enjoying sushi one perfect mouthful at a time can trick us into forgetting how much rice we’re eating… after a full meal, you can end up consuming more rice than you would ever serve yourself in a bowl. Choose brown rice when possible, and round out your order with a side of edamame or plate of sashimi for more flavor and less filler!
  • When perusing the menu, be aware of high calorie ingredients like mayonnaise, cream cheese, and anything tempura-style. Enjoy choices like this in smaller amounts.
  • Don’t forget that healthy eating isn’t about excluding “bad” choices; it’s about seeking out the BEST choices. Veggies like cucumber, carrots, asparagus and seaweed are common finds at sushi restaurants and add fiber and phytonutrients, and cold-water fish like salmon or tuna provide the healthiest source of fats.
  • Flip before you dip! Many diners make the mistake of holding nigiri sushi “rice-side-down” when dipping in soy sauce; this quickly saturates the rice, leaving it soggy and overloaded with sodium. By simply turning the roll upside-down and dipping the “fish side,” you get perfectly seasoned fish without over-salted rice!

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