What One Thing Can Make My Burger Better?

Sometimes you just have to have a burger — we get it!  There are some great burger choices out there (and on HealthyDiningFinder) that can help you cure your craving and get some good-for-you nutrition while you’re at it.  For those days when you want a burger, not necessarily a healthy burger, and want to make it just a little bit better, these simple requests can help.

  • Request a whole wheat bun – a lettuce wrap if you’re really adventurous.
  • Opt for a slightly smaller patty – think 1/3 pound vs. 1/2 pound.
  • Add veggies or upgrade your veggies – instead of iceberg, ask for spinach.
  • Skip the cheese or ask for half the usual cheese.
  • Go for a leaner choice – chicken instead of beef or sirloin instead of a standard beef patty.
  • Ask for the sauce on the side – using just a little less sauce can save on calories, fat and sodium.
  • Pair it well – skip the fries and pair your decadent burger with a side green or fruit salad.

The burgers we usually see in ads and on social media are those of mammoth proportions glistening with grease and topped with a token leaf of lettuce or slice of tomato.  Make yours a better burger choice without feeling deprived with these tips or dietitian-recommended menu choices like these.