Where Can I Find the Calories for a Fish Nugget Dinner?

The amount of calories and other nutrient levels for a fish nugget dinner can vary widely from one restaurant to the next. Calorie levels for menu items are affected by a number of factors, including the recipe, any accompanying side dishes, specific ingredients, quantities and cooking preparation. For example, one restaurant may choose to marinate the fish in lemon juice and olive oil and then coat it with breadcrumbs before baking. Another may coat the fish with egg and flour before placing it in a deep fryer.

Healthy Dining’s registered dietitians work closely with the chefs at each restaurant to verify that we have the complete recipe for each menu item before calculating the nutrition information. The good news is that fish can be a great choice when dining out! It is full of protein and heart healthy fats. Try adding a side of whole grains and fresh vegetables for a well-rounded meal.

If you are craving fish when dining out, Healthy Dining has a number of menu items to choose from, such as the Salmon Shish Kebab (350 calories, 16 g fat) at Pasha’s Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine, the Parmesan- Crusted Tilapia (430 calories, 20 g fat) at Red Lobster, and the Pecan Encrusted Tilapia (630 calories, 26 g fat) from The Greene Turtle.