Easy Ways to Get Kids to Eat Healthy at Restaurants

They are our pride and joy.  They make us laugh and they make us cry.  They can be endless fun and cause us to pull our hair out… especially when it comes to restaurant dining.  Yes, we’re talking about the kids in our lives, and we know from personal experience that it’s not always easy to get kids to eat healthy, especially when dining out.

Here are some quick tips for ordering up the healthiest kids choices that you all can agree on:

  • Provide your child with some options.  That is, offer two or three choices, as in “Would you like to order the spaghetti and broccoli or grilled chicken and corn?”
  • Split.  Decide on a healthier dish from the adult menu that you both would enjoy and share it.
  • Build a kids’ meal from the adult menu – soups, salads, sides and add-ons paired together can make a fun and well rounded meal.
  •  Make special requests.  Veggies instead of fries with that burger or sandwich, less or no oil, and whole wheat bread for the grilled cheese, grilled chicken strips instead of fried are all great requests to help improve the nutrition of old favorites

Eating out can be a great way to enjoy some time together.  Find Healthy Dining choices near you using the personalized search on Healthy Dining Finder.