Making Fruits and Veggies Fun

Healthy Food

Do your kids like eating their fruits and veggies? Do they rave about broccoli rabe? Kiss up for cabbage? Plead for pears? No? You’re probably saying something like, “Get real!”—and you’re not alone.

Sometimes, it seems like no matter how you try to cajole, convince, entice, or flat-out bribe them, your kids avoid eating healthy fruits and veggies at all cost. Even top nutrition experts can have a hard time tempting their little ones to eat certain fruits and veggies! But there’s hope! When it comes to fruits and veggies and similar healthful ingredients that kids may be turning their noses up at, the advice we most often hear is to keep offering them. When ingredients like these are a part of the everyday routine, from shopping to cooking to eating at home or restaurants, kids are more likely to try them and develop a taste for them.

To make the process easier and more fun for everyone, organizations like Fruits and Veggies More Matters offer a variety of resources to help kids develop a healthy curiosity and appreciation for nutritious fruits and veggies, like these:

Every parent has tried and true tips and strategies for getting kids to eat their veggies. How do you entice your kids to eat fruits and veggies?