Soak in These Last Weeks of Summer

You can feel it in the stores and as the calendar flips to August: Back-to-school fever is here. Don’t waste these last weeks of the kids being home for the summer! Enjoy the final weeks before the kids go back to school with these family fun activities:

  1. Go to the drive-in! The summer is all about being outside in fun and different ways. Switch up your family’s movie seeing experience and go to the drive-in or community park movie showing. Most communities play wonderful family classics throughout the summer.  Get a group together and show the kids the classic movie going experience.
  2. Play in the sprinklers! Some August days can be smolderingly hot. Cool off by turning on the sprinklers for the kids to run around in, or grab a hose with nozzle for an impromptu “rainy” day.
  3. Take a trip to the library! Do your kids need to catch up on that summer reading list before heading back to school? Take an afternoon trip to the library and explore all the wonderful adventures you can take through a good book.  Many libraries also offer additional enrichment activities like crafts, meet-and-greets, story time and even free yoga!
  4. Take those indoor games outside! Do you and the kids play fun board games or interactive games inside all year? Bring those indoor games outside for a change of pace and breath of fresh air.

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