3 Reasons to Skip the Quick Fix Diet

There can be some serious side effects to quick fix diets that you won’t find in the fine print.  These 3 reasons to skip the quick fix diet may have you reconsidering.

Healthy Food

It seems like just yesterday we were all earnestly and excitedly making New Year’s resolutions to lose weight by eating healthier and exercising more and getting off the fad diet roller coaster.  Here we are in May, and like so many others whose resolutions quickly faded in the grey January light, you may be considering one of those quick fix diets to help boost your summer confidence.  Whatever you do, step away from the fads, pills and phony promises.  The best way to boost your confidence is with a healthy diet and lifestyle that can increase feel-good hormones and energy while battling bulge. 

Still not convinced?  There can be some serious side effects to quick fix diets that you won’t find in the fine print.  These 3 reasons to skip the quick fix diet may have you reconsidering:

  • Lack of Variety – Quick fix diets can drastically limit the variety in your diet, which isn’t just a little boring but can also result in nutritional deficiencies.  Experts agree that the best way to get nutrients isn’t from a pill but from a healthy and well-rounded diet.  This means opting for various whole grains, lean protein, colorful fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and low fat dairy products throughout the week to ensure adequate vitamins and minerals to fuel your body.  Keeping good-for-you foods like these in the fridge at home and ordering these healthier choices at restaurants can help you stay satisfied and on-track wherever you are.
  • Weight Gain – You read that right.  Quick fix diets may deliver on short-term promises but long-term is another story.  Research shows that severely restrictive fad diets can actually increase a dieter’s weight once the diet is over.  Reasons for this weight gain include:
    • Food and food group restriction, which can lead to overeating once the diet is over    
    • Unhealthy habits that are not addressed and altered    
    • Lack of education, which can lead to misunderstanding of healthful choices at home and when dining out
    • Missing real-world strategies such as how to navigate social situations and the best ways to eat healthy at restaurants
  • Mood Killer – Restrictive, quick fix diets are notorious for causing moodiness, and nobody wants that!  This moodiness as well as depression, fatigue, irritability, intense cravings and more can all be a result of nutritional deficiencies in the diet due to the lack of variety.  This is exactly the opposite of the confidence you’re looking for!

If your goal is to lose weight and feel good this summer (and beyond), opt for a sensible eating plan proven to deliver on its promises and skip the quick fix diet.  Enlist help while you learn healthy weight loss and eating strategies by working with a registered dietitian in your area.

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