5 Waist-Friendly Summer Foods

It’s officially summer, and that means warm weather, cool fun and lots of delicious summer food.  Whether it’s peak-of-the-season produce or cold frosty treats, summer food is something to look forward to all year long. 

Healthy Food

If your weight loss goals have been a little sidetracked by all the summer barbecues and parties, now may be a good time to get back on track in the most delicious way.   These are some of our favorite summer foods that can help you get back on track with your health and weight loss goals while you still soak up all the summer fun:


Healthy diet benefits: Lower in calories, high in water content, provides vitamins A and C, lycopene and potassium.

How to do it right: Keep slices handy for a sweet and simple snack, freeze it into a watermelon granita, or get wild and toss some on the grill for a twist of flavor.


Healthy diet benefits: Includes plenty of fiber to fill you up plus folate and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

How to do it right: Whether you’re boiling, roasting or grilling this garden favorite, keep toppings simple and lower in calories and fat by using herbs and spices instead of higher fat options like butter.


Healthy diet benefits: Cucumbers are almost entirely water, which equates to a very diet-friendly snack that can help fill you up with very few calories; plus, they include vitamin K.

How to do it right: Keep them sliced for an easy addition to salads, sandwiches or with hummus, top with a splash of lemon or lime juice and sprinkle with chile powder for a snack with a little diet-boosting heat.


Healthy diet benefits: These can be a sweet, diet-friendly treat lower in calories and fat than options like ice cream.

How to do it right: For packaged varieties, stick to real fruit and less sugar, or make your own by blending up a mix of your favorite ripe fruits and freezing (without adding any sugar).

Iced Tea 

Healthy diet benefits: Loaded with antioxidants, hydration without the calories of many other drinks.

How do it right: Sun tea is a hallmark of summer, but however you make it, opt for flavored teas or citrus juice to flavor your tea instead of sugar and other sweeteners that add calories.

Your healthy diet will thank you for savoring these summer favorites.  Don’t forget to make the most of these and more summer favorites like seasonal fruit, tomatoes, zucchini, crisp garden-fresh salads and lean grilled meats and seafood both at home and eating out at restaurants.  Restaurants nationwide serve fresh and flavorful Healthy Dining menu choices that take summer foods from ordinary to extraordinary.