Diet-Friendly Tips to Order the Best Pizza

Are you a pizza lover?  According to surveys, there’s a good chance your answer to that question is yes.  In fact, in a ranking of America’s 50 favorite foods, pizza came in number 3!  Just the thought of that gooey cheese and doughy crust and steamy assortment of toppings can make you drool. 

Healthy Food

Unfortunately, pizza also gets a pretty bad rap when it comes to health.  You may even have a serious love/hate relationship with this Italian import if you’re trying to lose some weight.  Like with any food, eating too much pizza can lead to weight gain, especially when it’s made with less than the best ingredients. 

That doesn’t mean you have to cut it from your diet entirely, though!  When you order pizza, follow these diet-friendly tips to build a better pie:

  • Opt for whole grain and/or thin crust.  Cheese-stuffed or pan crust are a calorie-packed splurge that don’t support your weight loss goals.  Whole grains have been shown to support weight loss.
  • Say yes to marinara and no to Alfredo to cut down on calories without sacrificing flavor.
  • Load up the veggies for filling fiber and nutrients with fewer calories.  Like whole grains, vegetables have been shown to support weight loss and can add so much flavor to your food.
  • Keep it lean with proteins like chicken or even seafood over classic pepperoni and sausage.  Protein is a smart choice to satisfy hunger and help prevent cravings, both key to weight loss success.
  • Go for less cheese or skip the cheese all together to skim some calories off your meal.

When you’re losing weight and love pizza, don’t deprive yourself!  Order better choices like these that are great examples of diet-friendly pizzas:

Losing weight doesn’t have to mean giving up flavor and your favorite foods.  Enjoy pizza while you go after your health goals!