Eat Up for Men’s Health Month

Healthy Food

In honor of Men’s Health Month, celebrated every June, we are getting up close and personal with some of the best foods out there helping men like you stay healthy and active in the boardroom, the backyard, the bedroom and more.  The best part?  Drastic changes aren’t needed to improve your health—so start now!  Some simple swaps, healthier choices, and getting the recommended amount of exercise each week can do everything from help prevent prostate cancer to simply boosting your mood—which your family and buddies will all appreciate. Here are a few of our favorite ‘man-friendly’ foods:

Oysters – You’ve heard the myth about this culinary gem and maybe even put it to the test… the truth isn’t too far off.  Oysters are loaded with zinc, which may not only help with raising testosterone levels for a healthy reproductive system and sex life but may also help prevent prostate cancer.  True, they are an acquired taste, so if you’re not a fan, opt instead for beans to get the boost of zinc.

Tomato sauce – That’s right—the pizza and marinara sauce that you’ve been downing all these years may actually have been helping you ward off prostate cancer, too, thanks to a wealth of the cancer-fighting antioxidant, lycopene.  Tomato sauce can be sweet or spicy, but however it’s prepared, make sure you pair it up with a little fat, like that cheese on your pizza, to help increase your absorption of the lycopene. 

Tofu – Not just tofu, but any member of the soy family can help prevent prostate cancer and reduce the risk of heart disease.  Mix a few edamame in your salad, pour some soy milk on your whole grain cereal, or stir fry marinated tofu with a variety of veggies to get plenty of heart-healthy nutrition.

Broccoli – This cruciferous beauty that can do wonders for your waistline, heart health and immune system, thanks to plenty of fiber, vitamin C and folate.  Studies have shown that broccoli and its cruciferous cousins, including cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, also have significant cancer fighting abilities. Opt for these veggies as a side on your plate in place of higher fat and calorie-dense french fries.

Fish – Especially fatty fish that contains both lean protein and healthy fats.  The added omega 3 fatty acids can boost your heart and whole body health.  These highly researched fats have been shown to help with everything from reducing inflammation and blood cholesterol levels to boosting circulation and helping prevent cancer.  So grill, broil, or sauté salmon or sardines—whatever you need to do to get him in your belly!

Fruits and Veggies – These nutrition powerhouses are such an important part of a healthy diet.  When it comes to men’s health, the more of these guys, the better!  Shoot for a wide variety throughout the week, with a goal of filling half your plate with them at each meal to hit the MyPlate recommendations and make the most of their heart-healthy fiber and cancer-fighting antioxidants.

What better way to celebrate Men’s Health Month than by eating?