Get to Know Salsa

An all-time favorite condiment proves to be not only delicious, but nutritious!

Healthy Food

Also known as: Salsa Fresca, Pico de Gallo, Salsa Verde

Likes: Garden fresh tomatoes and cilantro

Dislikes: Being ignored or forgotten in her ramekin on the side of your plate, being stereotyped as only good for tortilla chips

Hobbies: Mixing up the flavor with ingredients like chipotle, mango, corn, black beans, even cherries and the occasional apple

Find her: Topping her favorite Mexican and South American cuisine from tacos to burritos to huevos rancheros

Fresh and sometimes a little spicy, Salsa can add fresh flavor and la vida sabrosa (tasty life) to any dish or meal!  Typically made simply with juicy and ripe tomatoes, crisp onions and garlic, verdant and flavorful cilantro and a squeeze of lime, she loves to be seen in all her unique varieties, each with its own powerful health benefits. 

Salsa Roja or Pico de Gallo – This basic recipe (slightly different depending on whose abuela or tia is mixing it up) provides a dose of lycopene from the tomatoes, improves blood flow, heart health, and cholesterol levels, thanks to the garlic and, with the help of cilantro, offers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits.

Salsa Verde – She may not be as sweet without the tomatoes, but that doesn’t mean she won’t help you out with your health.  With a base of tomatillos, you’ll get vitamin C, potassium and even fiber when you serve up Salsa Verde.

Mango Salsa – Salsa sometimes likes to have a little fun, and it shows when she gets fruit in the mix.  When tomatoes are swapped out for mangos, you’ll be getting plenty of vitamins A and C to keep your eyes and immune system going strong.

Salsa can be your tried and true, “recipe handed down for generations” comfort food, but remember that she is always ready to surprise you, whether it’s with the smoky fire of an added chipotle, the cool crunch of fresh summer corn mixed in, or the added flavor and texture of black beans.  Are you ready for the tasty benefits of Salsa?