Getting to Know Egg

A perfect little package of protein, Egg prides herself on being one of your go-to staples.

Healthy Food

Also known as: just Egg, thank you Likes: Wisks, boiling baths Dislikes: Excessive oil in the her pan, not enough vinegar to hold her together for poaching Hobbies: Cracking up the milk and cheese in the fridge, whipping up a tasty meringue, playing hide and seek in the fresh spring grass Find her: Cozying up with whole grain toast or pancakes on the breakfast plate, baking up with her veggie friends in a frittata or quiche for lunch or dinner, flying solo, and hard boiled for an afternoon snack.
 She’s neat, tidy and contained… from the outside.  Get to know her and you’ll find she may be a little bit messy, but she’s the glue that binds so many other foods together.  A perfect little package of protein, Egg prides herself on being one of your go-to staples, whether it’s on her own scrambled up for a simple breakfast, poached and layered with spinach and a whole grain biscuit for a modern twist on Eggs Benedict, enveloping your favorite veggies in a cozy evening quiche, or whipped into your favorite cakes and cookies for a special treat.  Did she mention she’ll help you save money when you choose her in place of meat a couple times a week?  What a team player she is!
 In addition to her protein, Egg is known as an excellent source of choline, which not only helps with our brain function as adults, but also helps fetal brain development.  In case you need another reason to love her, Egg will also help keep your eyes seeing bright and clear, thanks to her lutein.
 Keep in mind that Egg is higher in cholesterol, with over half of the daily recommended limit.  If you still want to include her in your daily diet without getting too much cholesterol, opt for egg whites or swap out other foods in your diet for lower cholesterol choices. 
 Here are just a few of the places we’ve spotted Egg at Healthy Dining restaurants:

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