Meaty Mushroom on the Block

Earthy Mushroom is confident in what he can offer both in flavor, texture and nutrition. Are you ready to love him as part of your healthy diet?

Healthy Food

Also known as: Fungus (usually a derogatory reference by non-fans)

Likes: Soft, damp earth

Dislikes: Spending too much time in the fridge

Hobbies: Sautéing in a hot pan with Onion and Garlic

Find him: Scrambled with eggs, sliced over salads, grilled with his veggie friends

You either love him or you hate him.  If you love Mushroom, chances are you are more than happy to include him in every meal from morning omelet to evening filet.  If you hate him, there’s probably little chance that he’ll change your mind so he’ll just stick with the lovers and ignore your turned up nose and jeers of “fungus.” 

Mushroom can be found in many varieties, each with a distinct shape and subtle, earthy flavor.  Ones you’ll commonly find on your plate include the common white Button, the large and particularly meaty Portabello, the potentially cancer-fighting Shitake, and the small and lightly flavored Enoki.

Mushrooms are a good choice nutritionally, providing several essential vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin D – You strengthen your bones and get a serving of veggies when you eat mushrooms, the only non-animal source of vitamin D (other than the sun).

B Vitamins (biotin, niacin, riboflavin) – These are essential for a healthy metabolism and blood cells.

Selenium – The small amounts of this mineral in mushrooms are a good way to help meet your daily requirements, important for thyroid function.