Men: What You Need to Know About Weight Loss

Here are some points for men to consider when it comes to weight loss. 

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So you want to lose weight and ran across this list… Awesome!  Studies show that even modest weight loss of 10% body weight can have a positive impact on your health and risk of certain lifestyle diseases.  Maybe your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother or doctor sent this article your way to help nudge you toward some weight loss goals.  Even better, you know you have some back-up right from the beginning.  Go team!  However you came to be here, the first thing you should know about men and weight loss is this: Studies show the guys often have the advantage. 

This doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy.

This doesn’t mean it’s going to happen overnight.

What this does mean is that you may need to look at the journey a little differently from the women in your life and find what works best for you, your health and your lifestyle.  Here’s what you should consider when it comes to weight loss:

  1. Men and Muscle – You’ve probably heard muscle burns more calories than fat.  Have you heard that men tend to have more muscle than fat, naturally?  Move it, work it and build it not just to bulk up but to burn more calories.  You’ll be showing off those abs in no time.
  2. Get Real – Ask a lot of women out there, and they can probably tell you exactly where those last 5 imaginary pounds they think they gained showed up on their body.  (Warning! Don’t EVER actually ask that question of any woman unless you have a death wish).  Unlike women, men tend to underestimate their own weight.  Facing facts that it’s more like 30 pounds you’ve gained since college, not just 5, can go a long way to kick your weight loss motivation in gear.
  3. Natural Confidence – Sure you may not be Mr. All-Around Confidence, but it seems that men, unlike women, often have a natural and from-the-start confidence in their ability to reach a goal.  Tap into that!  Set a specific weight loss goal with a realistic timeline and GO!
  4. One-Man-Show – You have your goal, you have your plan……now don’t forget to get help.  Men often overlook the positive impact that professional guidance and support can make.  Work with a dietitian on the food side (you do need more than just protein) and a fitness pro on the exercise side.  Accept support from friends and family and be sure to bask in your success along the way.  You’re more likely to develop healthy habits for long-term success and avoid having the same weight loss conversation with your wife, girlfriend, or doctor in the future.

Don’t turn your life upside down.  Make your natural advantages work for you in this weight loss thing and get help along the way.  Even small and realistic changes that fit into your life can have a big impact on your progress.  Hate the gym?  Try a basketball league for a while.  Business lunches at restaurants a normal part of your week?  Order Healthy Dining choices hand-picked by dietitians.  No time?  Join the club and carve out a few minutes here and there to go for a walk or do some push-ups.  Every little bit of progress will boost your health and keep the women in your life (not to mention your doctor) happy.

And who doesn’t want that?