The Sweet Food that Boosts your Diet

Also known as: Yam, tuber, root

Likes: Cool and dry storage bins

Dislikes: Confusion with Yam and Potato

Hobbies: Sweetening up your diet with nutrition

Find her: Baked, spiced, mashed, topping meats, sweetening soups

February is National Sweet Potato Month, and what better time to tip your hat to the sweet little lady, Sweet Potato, for all her nutritional goodness?  Sure, she’s a natural on your holiday table, but no healthy diet even beyond November and December is complete without her!

She’s often confused with Yam, so much so, that quite frankly, she’s given up and goes by either Sweet Potato or Yam these days.   She takes great pride in her beautiful and vitamin-rich orange flesh, something that the true Yam of Africa doesn’t have.

Why love this all-American jewel?  We’ll give you three simple reasons:

  1. Sweet potato can satisfy a sweet tooth with less fat and calories, plenty of filling fiber and without a spike in blood sugar (she’s no simple carbohydrate…she’s complex!).  Whether you’re managing a healthy weight or trying to lose weight, she is a good choice to help keep you on track.
  2. She is overflowing with nutrients like vitamin A, important for healthy eyes and skin, Vitamin C for a strong immune system and potassium for the regulation of blood pressure and muscle and nerve function. 
  3. Sweet potato is a natural fit for almost every kind of recipe, from soups to entrées to desserts, thanks to her ability to get along with sweet and savory ingredients alike.