The Revolution Against Calories

There is a quiet revolution taking place, and it’s all about the little calorie.

Long considered the best measurement to help us achieve a healthy weight, science is now setting calories aside in favor of the foods themselves. Finding that different foods seem to be processed differently, researchers are pointing out that it is the quality of foods in the diet that may make the biggest difference.  Nutrition411 recently summed up the calorie discussion, including findings like these from one Harvard University study that seem to support a transition away from calories:

  1. French fries led the list of foods that contributed to the greatest weight gain (an average weight gain of 3.4 lb. per 4-year period). Other foods linked to weight gain include potato chips, sugar-sweetened drinks, red meat, processed meat, other forms of potatoes, sweets and desserts, refined grains, other fried foods, 100% fruit juice, and butter.
  2. When consumed in greater amounts, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains resulted in weight loss or no gain. Those who lost weight consumed 3.1 more servings of vegetables/day, compared to those who gained the most weight.
  3. Over each four-year period, weight loss was greatest among people who ate more yogurt and nuts, including peanut butter. Participants who ate more yogurt lost an average of 0.82 lb. every four years. 

Is it time to stop centering the weight loss and weight management conversation on calories?
Healthy Dining menu choices are selected by a team of dietitians using nutrient values AND ingredient quality criteria. Recommended choices contain lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and/or whole grains.