Black Bear Diner Provides Healthy Homestyle Meals for the Whole Family

     Located throughout the western United States, Black Bear Diner features a bear-size menu with plenty of Healthy Dining and Kids LiveWell choices to make any meal out a healthy treat for the family.

Healthy Food

Some days, all you want is a good, hearty, homestyle kind of meal.  Nothing fancy or new age, just a tasty dish like Mom used to make.  You may think that “homestyle” and “healthy” can’t possibly coexist in the same meal, but Black Bear Diner proves that not only can they coexist, but they can make a delicious combination for the whole family to enjoy! 

Located throughout the western United States, Black Bear Diner features a bear-size menu with plenty of Healthy Dining and Kids LiveWell choices to make any meal out a healthy treat for the family.  I don’t know about you, but my kids would be happy to devour the Cubs’ Scrambler, Cubs’ Chicken Quesadilla or Cubs’ Turkey Dinner, and I would happy to let them, because I know each of those Kids LiveWell choices has whole grains, fruit, vegetables and lean proteins to keep their busy little bodies growing strong. 

All of the choices come with fresh fruit, applesauce and/or vegetable sides, and fresh squeezed orange juice is served instead of soda.  The Scrambler includes egg with a touch of ham and cheese, fruit and multigrain bread.  The Quesadilla is made with a whole grain tortilla and filled with a perfect portion of cheese and chicken breast.  The Turkey Dinner is classic turkey and gravy in just the right size for little ones.  Black Bear Diner also has a clever kids menu called “The Beary Tale Times,” complete with games, stories and activities to keep the kids entertained, giving parents some time to enjoy a hot meal.  That means everybody’s happy – perfect for a busy day or a relaxing family night out!