Mexican Food You Can Feel Good About at Casa Guadalajara

Feeling good Mexican food isn’t a dream.  With dietitian-recommended menu choices, Mexican food that supports your health goals is the best kind of reality at Casa Guadalajara in the heart of San Diego.  Ditch the guilt and get some friends together to enjoy the fresh flavors of authentic Mexican food on the festive patio of this long-time San Diego restaurant. 

Here are just some of the Healthy Dining menu choices that guests rave about and your diet will love:

Ceviche a La Duran (Special Request)
This appetizer is fresh, flavorful and packed with lean protein. Citrus marinated fish is mixed with diced tomatoes, cilantro, onion, cucumber, avocado and a touch of serrano chile.  If you’re new to ceviche, prepare yourself for dish that is cool, refreshing and satisfying all the way around. Request less salt added to the mix (1/8 tsp) and do share this one with a friend.

Camarones del Pacifico Ceviche a La Duran (Special Request)
This seasoned shrimp is simple and loaded with flavor.  Served with veggies, Healthy Dining’s dietitians recommend this for the lean protein and nutritious veggies. Seafood-lovers will want it just for those tender little shrimp!

Chicken Mango Jicama Salad (Special Request, Wednesday Daily Special)
Sweet, savory and crisp all rolled into one, this salad is an easy choice for a mid-week lunch or dinner. Mixed greens, Romaine, jicama, bell pepper, and mango dressing are tossed together and topped with grilled chicken strips.

Next time you’re looking for a San Diego restaurant with healthier Mexican food, look no further than Casa Guadalajara!