Dietitian Picks at California Pizza Kitchen

You may be pretty familiar with California Pizza Kitchen.  One of the most recognized restaurant names in the business, California Pizza Kitchen isn’t just serving their famous creations in restaurants nationwide.  These days the restaurant is also sharing their culinary creations at airports and in the freezer section of your local grocery store.  We can’t get enough!

Priding itself on the use of high-quality ingredients and unique flavor that guests come back for again and again, California Pizza Kitchen has grown exponentially with the goal of giving guests just what they’re looking for in restaurant food and dining experience.  That includes a long list of dietitian-recommended Healthy Dining picks that can easily fit into your diet without compromising your lifestyle.  Here are just some of the appetizers, pizzas and salads that California Pizza Kitchen has featured on

Appetizer: Lettuce Wraps with Shrimp (Serves 4) (120 calories, 6 g fat)
These lettuce wraps are a delicious way to start your meal at California Pizza Kitchen.  They include fresh and meaty Shiitake mushrooms, crisp water chestnuts and scallions tossed in a spicy ginger soy sauce.  You’re even getting a whole cup of veggies before you get your main dish.  Make sure you bring friends along to share with.  This dietitian pick serves 4 and the nutrition information is for 1 serving.

BBQ Chicken Pizza on Wheat Crust (½ pizza)(600 calories, 18 g fat)
You may have heard of this one!  It’s legendary.  With CPK’s signature BBQ sauce, smoked Gouda, red onions and cilantro, this isn’t just any old BBQ Chicken pizza.  It also includes whole grains and lean protein, thanks to the crust and chicken on top.  The analysis and nutrition information provided are for half the pizza.

California Veggie Pizza with Goat Cheese on Wheat Crust (½ pizza) (640 calories, 23 g fat)
Who says pizza can’t be healthy?  This dietitian pick is loaded with fresh vegetables!  Baby broccoli, eggplant, Cremini mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, corn, red onions, Mozzarella and goat cheese all top a wheat crust make for a tasty option that helps your plate look more like MyPlate.  The nutrition information provided is for half the pizza.

Half Caramelized Peach Salad with Shrimp (370 calories, 17 g fat)
For those days when a salad is more of what you’re craving, California Pizza Kitchen has plenty to choose from.  This Half Caramelized Peach Salad includes field greens, spinach, warm caramelized peaches, cranberries, red onions, toasted pecans, Gorgonzola cheese and tender shrimp.  It’s the perfect combination of sweet and savory with a wealth of fruits, vegetables (2¼ cups!) and lean protein.  Healthy Dining’s dietitians recommend requesting the dressing on the side to save on calories and fat.  Each tablespoon will add 70 calories, 8 g fat, and 40 mg sodium.