Dine with the Dietitian at Mama Fu’s Asian House

Asian food is one of the hot choices right now, and Mama Fu’s Asian House has it! 

You don’t have to give up your favorite Asian cuisine in favor of a healthy lifestyle. Restaurants like Mama Fu’s Asian House make it easy to find choices that are as healthful as they are delicious.  Featuring flavors from classic Chinese, Thai, Korean and more, the menu at Mama Fu’s Asian House serves up just what you’re looking for in Asian food.  Quality is a top priority of the Texas-based restaurant.  The restaurant cooks to order using fresh ingredients to ensure a hot and flavorful dish that you’ll love. 

Healthy Dining’s dietitian picks include a long list of choices created with healthful ingredients such as lean protein, vegetables and fresh herbs.  Don’t miss out on hand-picked items like these at Mama Fu’s Asian House:

Fresh Basil Spring Rolls
With fresh flavor and a variety of crisp veggies and flavorful herbs, these spring rolls are always a tasty choice.  Cool rice paper rolls are packed with rice noodles, fresh basil, mint, spring mix, peanuts, bean sprouts, and vegetables then served with Thai peanut dipping sauce.

Steam Bowl with Chicken & Brown Rice
This simple choice is a great option for fresh flavor, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains.  Chicken, veggies and brown rice are served in a bamboo steamer for simple and mild flavor. Be sure to request Mama’s Brown Sauce on the side to keep this a Healthy Dining choice.  Each tablespoon will add 20 calories, 0 g fat, and 900 mg sodium.

Spicy General Fu with Chicken & Brown Rice
Kick your lean protein and whole grains up a notch with this Sodium Savvy pick.  Zesty, sweet chili garlic sauce is tossed with chicken, carrots, broccoli, and scallions and served with brown rice. Be sure to request steamed chicken to keep this a Healthy Dining choice.

Thai Basil Shrimp
Thai food is known for loads of vegetables and plenty of spicy fire.  This dish is a sizzling combination of chili hoisin sauce, flavorful basil, shrimp, white mushrooms, red bell peppers, onions, bean sprouts, scallions and rice noodle, all tossed with a spicy sriracha-based sauce. Don’t forget to request less Thai Basil Sauce (1 fl oz.) to keep this a dietitian pick.

Korean Street Tacos with Pork
Who says Mexican restaurants are the only ones that can serve tasty tacos?  These tacos are a combination of flour tortillas filled with pork tenderloin cooked in a spicy Korean garlic sauce with pickled carrots and daikon radish, topped with green onions. Don’t forget to request steamed pork and skip the kimchi.

Orange Peel Chicken
What would an Asian menu be without this classic choice?  A zesty, sweet chili orange peel glaze tossed with chicken, broccoli, white mushrooms, red bell peppers, and scallions. This option is served with brown rice for added fiber and whole grain nutrition.

Treat yourself well with a quick and fresh Asian meal at Mama Fu’s Asian House.