Find Healthier Choices at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Dietitian recommended menu choices at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Healthy Food

When it comes to theme parks like Busch Gardens Williamsburg, you may not be thinking Healthy Dining.  You may, in fact, be thinking of giant turkey legs, French fries, ice cream and deep-fried corn dogs.  Wouldn’t you rather get the most out of your day at the park with a more healthful choice that won’t sap your energy halfway through the afternoon? Busch Gardens Williamsburg is proud to prepare every food item by hand from the finest, freshest ingredients available. They are committed to quality and providing a variety of menu options, including many healthy dining choices.  Healthy Dining’s team of registered dietitians scours menus to find meals that include quality ingredients such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables and lean protein to satisfy hunger and boost energy without leaving you feeling deprived. Instead of loading up on choices that will leave you begging for a nap before you’ve seen all the sites, enjoy a dietitian-recommended menu choice like these at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.   

Carved Turkey Sandwich at Das Festhaus

Visions of giant turkey legs dancing in your head?  Get the flavor and well-rounded nutrition (without the mess) with this dietitian pick.  A whole wheat sub roll is topped with carved turkey breast, provolone cheese, lettuce and tomato.  Healthy Dining’s dietitians recommend ordering this choice with a fruit cup instead of chips for maximum nutrition. 

Mediterranean Salad

This mix of ingredients and flavors is a must try!  Fresh spring mix is served with strawberries, grapes, juicy Mandarin oranges, cranberries and feta cheese. Opt for the Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette as your choice of dressing (included in the nutrition information posted on 

Kids LiveWell Spaghetti Dinner

It’s not just parents that can benefit from eating well at the park!  Entice the kids to make the best choices with Kids LiveWell meals like this.  The spaghetti dinner includes marinara sauce and two packets of apples as a choice of sides. The two sweet servings of fruit will help power kids for a fun day on the run. Be sure to request no cheese on the pasta to keep this a dietitian-recommended menu choice for the kids.