Have You Tried These Healthy Mexican Choices?

You can have healthy Mexican choices at restaurants when you opt for dietitian-recommended choices like those at Casa Sol y Mar in San Diego. 

Healthy Food

With a bright and fun atmosphere made for happy hours, family lunches, romantic dinners and more, Casa Sol y Mar proves that healthy dining can be delicious!  Stop by to try these choices with all the flavors you love and new twists on classic dishes:

Appetizer: Ceviche Del Mar
Fresh fish marinated and “cooked” in citrus juices create a healthy appetizer that is packed with lean protein without the added fat and calories of many appetizers.

Chicken Mango Jicama Salad
Made with mixed greens, Romaine, jicama, bell pepper, mango dressing and topped with grilled chicken strips, this Sodium Savvy salad is filled with fresh tropical flavors plus vitamins, minerals and fiber for your healthy diet.  Healthy Dining’s dietitians suggest requesting the dressing on the side.  Each tablespoon will add 60 calories, 6 g fat, and 65 mg sodium.

Fish Tacos
When only a classic Mexican choice will do, these fish tacos are a must order.  Two fillets of grilled cod are wrapped in warm corn tortillas then topped with cabbage and Sour Cream Jalapeño Dressing.  A side of black beans and pineapple mango salsa finishes off the plate.  What can we say about this besides yum!