Healthier Diner Food at Silver Diner

If you think you know diner food, think again, because Silver Diner is reinventing what good diner food can be.  Located in MD, NJ and VA, Silver Diner may look like your typical greasy spoon diner, but thanks to the vision of founder president and CEO Bob Giaimo and founder and executive chef Ype Von Hengst, it has grown into a beloved and truly unique restaurant.

Whether you choose “healthy” or “hearty” dishes from the menu, Silver Diner is proud to make your choice using fresh and local ingredients whenever possible, certified Angus beef, hormone free, all-natural meats and zero trans fat oil.  In addition, gluten free, seasonal and healthier kids’ selections are available.  Whatever you may be craving, Silver Diner has the menu choice for you.  Here are some of the dietitian-recommended dishes you’ll want to try:

California Omelette

You haven’t had an omelette until you’ve tried this one!  A mix of Eggbeaters, tender chicken, tomato, Jack cheddar, salsa, low fat cilantro, sour cream and a sweet surprise of strawberries, this breakfast is loaded with protein and flavor to start your day right.

Mango Stir Fry – Under 600 Calories Menu

Lunch or dinner is looking good with this mix of mushrooms, carrots, edamame beans, cilantro, Napa cabbage, reduced sodium teriyaki, scallions, black sesame seeds and whole wheat angel hair.  Whole grains and veggies with Asian flair! 

Alaskan Salmon – Under 600 Calories Menu

Add some extra omega 3s to your diet with this Alaskan salmon served with lemon garlic sauce, brown rice, edamame beans and all natural greens with balsamic vinaigrette.  The combination of lean protein and whole grains is as filling as it is delicious.