Healthy Dining Miami-Style at the New Miami Subs Grill

Dietitian recommended menu choices at New Miami Subs Grill.

Healthy Food

Are you looking for a lunch or dinner that tastes great and keeps your diet on track? Miami Subs has a variety of menu choices that can do just that! What else would you expect from a Miami restaurant? The New Miami Subs Grill does business with one core motto: “More is more.” That means more flavor and more choices, especially with their Healthy Dining menu. Our dietitians always enjoy working with restaurants that make the best choices the easy choices!

From fresh and flavorful salads to hearty and filling sandwiches, Miami Subs has you covered for Healthy Dining in Florida and beyond. Try one of these choices hand-picked by Healthy Dining’s dietitians for flavor and nutrition:

Greek Salad
This choice is a classic Greek salad with rich Mediterranean flavor! Crisp greens are mixed with creamy feta cheese, black olives, green peppers and banana peppers for over 3 cups of veggies to power your day. The nutrition analysis listed on does not include your choice of salad dressing. Add dressing sparingly to manage added fat and calories or opt for vinegar or a splash of lemon for diet-friendly flavor.

6″ Tuna Sub on Multigrain Roll 

Have you heard that fish is an important part of a healthy diet? In fact, it’s recommended that we incorporate 2-3 servings into our meals per week. What better way to add some to your week than with this tuna sub? A combination of tuna, mayo, celery and a touch of white pepper served with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles on fresh baked multigrain bread is a tasty way to add more lean protein, veggies and grains to your diet.

6″ Chicken Philly on Multigrain Bread with Cheese
Get your Philly fix with this dietitian pick. Grilled seasoned chicken is paired with grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms, green peppers and Swiss-American cheese for full, rich flavor and lean protein to satisfy with style.

Grilled Chicken Kaiser

Simple and straightforward, this sandwich includes a soft Kaiser topped with grilled chicken breast, lettuce and tomatoes. Skip the mayo to keep this a Healthy Dining choice.

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