Rubio’s is Love at First Bite

Love at first bite.

That just about sums it up when it comes to some foods, and that was certainly the case when Ralph Rubio, the man behind the restaurant, tried his first fish taco.  That fateful spring break surfing trip in San Felipe Mexico back in the early 70s led Rubio to open the West Coast favorite, Rubio’s, specializing in classic fish tacos, beer and Baja Mexico flavor with all the laid back style to match.

With a dream of a fish taco business, some experience in the restaurant industry, financial backing from his dad and LOTS of help from his entire family, Ralph Rubio opened his first fish taco stand in 1983.  After a rough start in the first year, full of long lines, angry customers and plenty of mistakes, the now iconic brand quickly took off to become a well-established and ever-growing brand in the restaurant industry.  Even with the early bumps, Rubio is quick to say, “I look back fondly at those early days in the first year. Every day was an adventure. I was doing everything – I opened the restaurant, I was cook and chef, I washed the dishes.  Nothing compares to that first year.”

Rubio’s has grown well beyond its original location by the San Diego beaches to 190 locations on the West Coast and plans to expand further, making it even easier to find that Baja beach cuisine you’re craving.  The restaurant has also grown its menu by adding fresh new flavors and choices along the way, including:

  • Grilled seafood platters
  • More decadent langostino lobster
  • A variety of salads

Ralph Rubio and his team at Rubio’s continue to look ahead to keep the menu fresh and offer the healthier menu choices guests are looking for without giving up the flavors and laid back style that put Rubio’s on the map.

Stop by today for some “lighter, brighter, fresher” menu choices like these at Rubio’s:

  • Chipotle Orange Salad
  • Two Grilled Pacific Mahi Mahi Taco Plate
  • One Salsa Verde Shrimp Taco Plate
  • Three Rubio’s Street Tacos® with Steak