Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ: Healthier Barbecue on the Menu

That’s right!  Healthier barbecue is on the menu at Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ, but that doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on the classic, slow-cooked flavor for which Lucile’s Smokehouse BBQ is known.  Lucille grew up learning all her grandmother’s secret and sought-after recipes and barbecue techniques and then put her own spin on the beloved barbecue in her own restaurant.  As Lucille’s family grew and her restaurant evolved, so did the menu – with the addition of several healthier menu choices now featured on  What’s never changed is the dedication to serving up some of the best barbecue in the country (according to generations of loyal guests!).

If you’re looking for healthier choices AND the barbecue flavor you love, these dietitian picks at Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ are waiting for you:

Appetizer: Pulled Chicken Slider

Share the barbecue goodness with this appetizer meant for two.  Pulled chicken is tossed in Lucille’s original BBQ sauce and then served on toasted sweet rolls.  Pair this mouth-watering creation, big on lean protein, with some steamed veggies or a simple salad to build your own meal or use it to whet your appetite before the main course.

Marinated Sirloin Salad

Who says you have to give up beef?  Sirloin is a leaner cut of red meat and still loaded with iron that many of us are lacking.  Crisp iceberg lettuce wedges are topped with grilled and sliced marinated sirloin steak, cherry tomatoes, croutons, sliced red onion and chopped egg for one oh-so-satisfying salad.  Be sure to request dressing on the side, keeping in mind that each tablespoon will add 70 calories, 8 g fat, and 90 mg sodium.

Tri Tip Salad

Sliced thin, this slow smoked tri tip is served on a bed of mixed field greens, cherry tomatoes, sweet red onions, cucumbers, red and yellow peppers and avocado blending smoky barbecue goodness with crisp veggies for a salad you’ll want to order again and again.  Your taste buds will thank you (and so will your waist!).  Remember to request dressing on the side – each tablespoon will add 70 calories, 6 g fat, and 30 mg sodium. 

Don’t miss out on some of the best barbecue flavor out there!  Order dietitian picks like these at Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ to enjoy eating out as part of your healthy lifestyle.