Movie-Themed Studio Diner Dishes Healthy Dining

Studio Diner is a cozy and vintage-style diner filled with movie-making equipment and props (it’s located on a working movie and TV studio lot), helping to make it a unique and must-try restaurant.

Studio Diner serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices 24/7, making it easy to eat out healthy at any time.  So grab your family for a Sunday breakfast, co-workers for a lunchtime break from the office, or friends for a fun dinner out and head over to Studio Diner for one of these Healthy Dining menu choices:

Cobb Salad (330 calories, 20 g fat, 750 mg sodium)
This is a big, crisp salad topped with creamy avocado, flavorful gorgonzola, diced turkey, and tomato.  Talk about a tasty way to get your healthy veggies!  MyPlate recommends that half your plate be fruits and veggies, and this salad is an easy way to really enjoy that “half your plate.”  Our dietitians suggest ordering the dressing on the side (it’s not included in the analysis) and add sparingly to keep this a diet-friendly salad.  Also, request no bacon and less cheese (0.75 oz.) when ordering.

Half Sandwich and Soup Combo (460 calories, 22 g fat)
This simple lunch or dinner menu choice is just like Mom used to make and includes half a Bad Movie sandwich on wheat with “Jewish penicillin” (chicken) soup.  Not familiar with this soup recipe?  It’s generally loaded with good-for-you ingredients, like savory chicken, onions, carrots, celery, and plenty of fresh herbs.  Just the thought of it makes me feel cozy and very, very hungry.

Veggie Omelet (350 calories, 23 g fat, 400 mg sodium)
They’ve thrown the garden into this omelet with broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, and cheese.  Good luck finishing all this goodness!  Along with all those veggies comes plenty of fiber, vitamin C, iron, and more to help get your day off to a healthy start.  This omelet is also served with a side of hash browns and choice of toast, neither of which are included in the analysis (and they will add calories, fat and sodium to your meal.  When ordering, don’t forget to request spray instead of butter and less cheese (0.5 oz.).

Next time you’re looking for a fun place to dine out or just some good food to enjoy with friends and family, stop by Studio Diner to try one of these Healthy Dining menu choices.