The Common Man: A Delicious and Committed Part of the Community

The Common Man serves great food and contributes to the community through fundraising and volunteering efforts.

Healthy Food

By Nicole Ring, RD

Restaurants big and small often earn a place in our hearts as a home away from home, a traditional celebration spot and/or an integral member of our community.  So it is with The Common Man, one of the newest participating Healthy Dining restaurants.  This New Hampshire favorite has come to mean all of these things to local residents since the first of the 18 restaurants in the family opened back in 1971 in Ashland, NH.  Since then, The Common Man has strived to serve great food to locals lining up at the door and to contribute to the community through fundraising and volunteering efforts.  Now, with the focus on health and nutrition, The Common Man is featuring several of their popular menu choices as part of the Healthy Dining Program for those in the community looking for healthier choices.

If the colder weather has you yearning for fall favorites, their Apple Chicken is a great choice.  This menu item isn’t your average chicken – it takes full advantage of seasonal apples.  It’s a juicy, walnut-crusted chicken breast with an apple cider glaze and comes with a side of fresh vegetables.  If you think steak is off the menu when following a healthy diet, think again.  The Common Man serves up an Uncommon Steak Oscar which is seasoned and char-grilled with crab, broccoli, and béarnaise sauce and served with fresh vegetables.  It’s a decadently slim 540 calories, a perfect fit for your healthy lifestyle any night of the week!

Check out all that The Common Man has to offer, from comforting favorites to a fierce commitment to the community to the leisurely cup of coffee at the end of a good meal.