Umami Burger’s Unique Take on the Perfect Burger

Burgers are big!  They’re classic American food with meaty flavor that you can dress up in oh-so-many mouth-watering ways.  So how do you improve on the basic burger?  You tune into the taste we all crave and turn up the volume.  Enter, Umami Burger.

Healthy Food

Umami Burger was first born in 2009 when founder, Adam Fleischman, got to thinking.  He started wondering why so many of us crave burgers and pizza more than other types of food?  The answer he came up with was umami, one of the five tastes we find in food.  Umami is a Japanese word that can be translated to mean “pleasant savory taste.” It has also been defined as “meaty,” and while it’s most often in meats, it is also found in a variety of other foods including mushrooms, tofu, soy sauce and some vegetables. Umami Burger’s goal is to “unlock umami flavor and deliver that perfect mouthful, with every burger, every time.”

Umami Burger has taken that promise to new heights with a variety of burgers, salads and sides that, let’s face it, make us drool with delight.  Our favorites by far are these dietitian-recommended menu choices that deliver on umami flavor without doing in our diets:

Black Bean Burger
A chipotle black bean patty is topped with creamy queso cotija, guacamole, street cart pickles and cilantro to kick your taste buds in gear. Request no butter to toast the bun to reduce calories and saturated fat, keeping this a Healthy Dining menu choice.

Seared Ahi Greens
Light on the meal but not the taste, this salad includes sesame-crusted ahi, mesclun mix, sesame dressing and puffed black rice.  It’s a delish way to add nutritious greens to your day.