10 Healthy Food-Themed Halloween Costumes

By: Kristen Castillo

Choosing a Halloween costume can be very personal and very fun. Why not have a healthy good time dressing up this October 31? Here are our 10 picks for awesome, flavorful and nutritiously inspiring Halloween dress-up.

1.  Peas
Want to be as cozy as peas in a pod this October 31? This peapod costume works for men and women of all ages. You can even get one for babies. Talk about easy peasy!

2.  Avocado
You’ll be the talk of the Halloween party when you arrive in your avocado costume. Need inspiration for this look? Remember that avocados are loaded with heart-healthy fats and more. Yum!

3.  Lemon
A costume focused on being sweet and a little sour, a lemon costume is a lot of fun. It’s colorful, and the coordinating toddler costume is adorable, too. We love the healthy boost lemons provide: Citrus fruits like these are packed with vitamin C!

4.  Carrot
This colorful carrot costume is unmistakably healthy! The root veggie is good for you, too. It has vitamins A and C for healthy eyes.

5.  Chilis & Sririacha 
Add some heat to your Halloween with this chili pepper getup. We’re also hot for sriracha.  This bright costume is one way to keep your Halloween spicy!

6.  Banana
Your bright yellow costume will be easy to spot on Halloween! When you’re a banana, everyone will instantly know what your costume is. Besides, the fruit is potassium-rich.

7.  Salad
Keep Halloween fresh with a nutritious and fashionable salad costume. As with any salad, feel free to customize, but don’t go overboard with higher calorie and fat ingredients.

8.  Watermelon
It may be October, but this summer fruit is a great choice for Halloween! The colorful and juicy treat is full of vitamins A and C.

9.  Healthy Taco
This yummy look is perfect for Halloween! Who doesn’t love a healthy taco? Even babies can rock the taco look, too.

10.  Strawberry
strawberry costume is such fun for Halloween! Plus – the fruit, low in calories and full of vitamin C – is so delicious. Savor the sweetness with your own strawberry ensemble.