Annual African Heritage & Health Week February 1-7

Did you know it’s African Heritage & Health Week? This week, the little publicized cuisine is taking its turn in the spotlight thanks to Oldways. If you haven’t already tried some of this flavorful food, now is the perfect chance to learn more and introduce your taste buds to something deliciously new.

To learn more, visit the Oldways’ African Heritage and Health Week page.

To get involved in this 5th Annual African Heritage & Health Week, Oldways suggests:

  • Follow Oldways ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+) and share, repost, or show some love to any African Heritage & Health Week posts. Keep an eye out for graphics like this and the African Heritage & Health Week logo. And we’d love to see your own photos of African cuisine.  
  • Use #EatAfricanHeritage365 so Oldways can see how you’re celebrating (and eating!) African Heritage foods. The more you share your festivities and engage, the more you help educate people about how healthy a traditional African diet is.
  • Take advantage of the resources from the African Heritage & Health program and share any recipes, photos, etc. that strike you. You could also:  
  • Find a favorite dish from the African Heritage Plates of Expression.  
  • Use the Dine-Around-Town Guide to find a local African restaurant.  
  • Share the African Heritage Diet Pyramid because it’s a fantastic resource.  
  • Plan an African Heritage & Health Week celebration! Whether public or private, send Oldways  the details and let them know if they can help. People are planning community- wide potlucks, educational (and tasting) events, restaurant meet-ups, and more.