Celebrate National Pancake Month

In France, they are called crepes; in Germany, they are known as Pfannkuchen, and in Spain, they are referred to as Filloas. In America, we refer to them as Pancakes. Sometimes sweet, sometimes savory (and almost always enjoyed at breakfast time), these flat cakes are usually made of flour, egg and milk and can be modified with other ingredients, such as buttermilk, sugar, baking soda, fresh fruit, nuts, and spices (among others)  to create the perfect entrée.

The month of February, in addition to being National Heart Month, is also National Pancake Month. You might think that the pancake isn’t a food celebrated by Healthy Dining, but pancakes can definitely fit into a healthy diet! Simple changes in ingredients can easily turn the nutrition profile of a pancake from a dud to a superstar:

  • Using whole wheat flour in place of regular wheat flour can increase the fiber content of the pancakes and provide additional B-vitamins.
  • Swapping out maple syrup for fresh fruit like blueberries, strawberries, and bananas can also give your pancake a boost in nutrition. 
  • It is also important to know that one standard serving of pancakes is about the diameter of a compact disc…not the size of an entire dinner plate.