Fitness Food Finds

The holidays are now in full swing and you may be looking for ways to stick to your healthy lifestyle as your schedule gets increasingly busy.

Healthy Food

To help manage stress and weight during the holiday season, embrace fitness, from an extra walk during the day to an extra session at the gym during the week, and look for fitness food finds like these (loaded with lean protein, veggies and whole grains) at participating healthy dining restaurants:&nbsb;
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  1. Italiano Salad at Muscle Maker Grill
  2. Salmon Veggie Bowl at Waba Grill
  3. Egg White Delight with Tomato & Spinach at Over Easy
  4. Thai Chicken Salad at Brick House
  5. Healthier Small Filet Mignon at Newport Landing
  6. Breakfast Zone Sandwich at Sergio’s
  7. Healthy Hybrid Salad (Petite) at Stonefire Grill
  8. Albacore Tuna Wrap at SeaWorld San Antonio
  9. BBQ Chicken Quarter at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
  10. Nopales (Cactus) and Egg White Burrito at Cotixan Mexican Food /restaurant