Hand Guide to Portion Control

Courtesy of Guard Your Health

Sometimes the size of restaurant meals can get a little out of hand. Use this guide to keep your portions under control!

Next time you’re at a restaurant, take a look at your plate and determine how many portions you were actually served. Was your chicken breast the size of your palm or the size of your forearm? If you were served multiple portions, stop yourself from eating the entire plate. And don’t feel as though you need to waste the food – take it “to go” and enjoy a nice lunch the following day. Remember, everything is better in moderation!

Use these simple guidelines the next time you butter your bread or order some dessert:

  • A serving of meat is about the size of your palm.
  • A double-serving (2 scoops) of ice cream is the size of your clenched fist.
  • A ½ cup of pasta is about the size of the front of your clenched fist.
  • A serving of butter is the size of your index fingertip.
  • A serving of peanut butter is roughly the size of your thumb.

What are some other good ways you use to keep your portion sizes in check?