Healthy Eating to Boost Your Immune System

Nutritionist Joy Dubost explains how healthy eating can boost your immune system.  You can use her tips to help keep you and your family healthier throughout the winter.

Healthy Food

Winter is coming fast and we all know that means overtime for our immune system.  What many people often forget is that healthy eating can boost your immune system and help keep you healthy.  Nutritionist Joy Dubost Ph.D., R.D., sums up some great tips on how you can incorporate healthy eating to boost your immune system in her article “Dine your way to a healthy immune system.”

Healthy eating will give your immune system the added strength to get you through the winter months.  There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy eating out and keeping your immune system working at its best.  Be sure to explore some of our restaurants that offer healthy eating choices that are sure to keep your immune system functioning through the winter season while still pleasing you palate.