Healthy Snacks: Nuts and Seeds

How do you include healthy snacks in your diet to keep hunger at bay in between meals?

Healthy Food

By: Lara Felton of Shopwell

Snacks are a pivotal point in many people’s days. Snacks are your holdover between meals, energizing you when you hit a mid-afternoon slump and providing something a little salty or sweet to take your mind back off food. The best snacks ensure you have a mix of macronutrients (fat + protein + carbohydrates) to keep hunger, or “hanger”, at bay. One of the go-to snacks around the Shopwell office is nuts (seeds, too!).

Here are some snacks with nuts and seeds we’re loving these days. 


The sweet and tart flavor of the cherries will satisfy any sweet tooth. The pumpkin seeds provide desired crunch, a boost of healthy fats, protein and fiber. The cacao nibs bring a boost of antioxidants and chocolatey flavor to this pick-me-up snack. 


Apples make a great snack choice since they are portable and a good source of fiber. Plus they are the perfect base to dress up with toppings including our favorite – nut butter topped with shredded coconut. The nut butter will give you a boost of healthy fats and protein that provide a boost of energy.  


Greek yogurt lends itself so well to toppings. Choose a low-fat, plain variety of yogurt to skip the added sugar and still get all the protein and calcium. We like to add walnuts for their taste and texture, plus they are a great source of healthy fats and additional protein. Top the snack off with berries (either fresh or frozen).  


Cheese is a great low-carb, high-protein choice that adds a hint of saltiness if that’s what you are craving. Paired with some whole grain crackers and a few almonds, you have yourself a hunger-busting snack full of protein, fiber, and healthy fats and low in carbs and added sugars. 

How do you include healthy snacks in your diet to keep hunger at bay in between meals? Dietitian-recommended menu choices at restaurants can help you maintain a healthy diet in between healthy snacks.