Links We Love – Spring Cleaning Your Routine

What kind of spring cleaning are you doing?

Healthy Food

Spring is in the air, and there’s so much to do! From cleaning out your pantry to taking your workout outdoors to changing up what you eat and drink, our favorite links this week are focused on sprucing up your routine. 

Spring Clean Your Pantry
Check your cabinets for expired spices, old oils and outdated flour. We love the practical tips in this article, including how with a well-stocked pantry, you’ll be able to use 50 percent of your pantry staples combined with 50 percent fresh ingredients for a meal that’s 100 percent healthy and tasty!

Take Your Workout Outside
This time of year the weather is nice in most of the country. That means it’s a great time to get outdoors for your workout. As the article explains, exercising outside has many benefits, including that it might make you happier and can increase the probability of your working out again. And it is relaxing!

Drink Up for Healthy Skin
Now’s the time to sip your way to healthy skin! Get rid of winter’s dryness, redness and breakouts with some of the hydrating tips in this article, such as drinking almond milk to avoid breakouts; and quenching your thirst with antioxidant-rich coconut water, which may increase your skin’s elasticity.

Clean Out Your Closet
Get your wardrobe ready for spring outings, like Sunday brunch or date night at that new restaurant. Getting rid of old, unused or ill-fitting clothes will give you more closet space, plus you’ll feel liberated by clearing away the clutter! This article has seven great tips, including what to purge (anything you haven’t worn in a year), what to do with stuff you don’t want (donate it or have a swap party) and how to not be emotional about the process (let go of sentimentality).