Nutritious choices to boost your brain health and performance

Healthy Food

Feel like you have a few mental cobwebs?  You may not be getting the nutrition you need to keep your mental edge.  An excess of simple carbohydrates (e.g., sugar and white flour) and not enough of the good stuff, like cold water fish, eggs, poultry, a wide variety of richly colored fruits and vegetables, as well as the foods below, could be to blame. 

Change the fuel you’re giving your brain and you’ll clear the fog in no time!

  • Dairy – Not only do dairy products contain vitamin B-12, they are also a great way to get vitamin D, which supports cognitive function and may help prevent cognitive decline.  At restaurants, choose a yogurt-based smoothie or parfait for a snack or dessert.
  • Whole grains – Along with other high-quality carbohydrates, whole grains provide the fuel your brain needs to function.  When dining out, always choose the whole wheat or whole grain version of menu items when available.
  • Water – It may not be a food, but it’s essential for your best mental performance.  Approximately 75% of our brain is water, and you want to keep it hydrated throughout the day.  Opt for healthier beverages such as water, tea or 100% fruit juice at home and at restaurants.  Choose water most of the time.

How do you use nutrition to stay your best mentally?  Have you made some of these changes in your diet?  What brain benefits have you noticed?