Roasting Veggies

Here are some tasty and creative ways to prepare fruits and veggies to help you fill half your plate. 

If you’re working on meeting the goal of half a plate of fruits and veggies at every meal, you may be on the lookout for tasty and creative new ways to prepare them at home or enjoy them dining out at restaurants.  Roasting may be one such way to add flavor and variety to your dishes, while still getting all the health benefits veggies can offer.  With seasonal favorites like sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and squash lining grocery and farmer’s market bins, now is a great time to start roasting and enjoying!  At home:

  • Add roasted vegetables to brown rice or other whole grains to spice them up
  • Top pizza with roasted veggies for color and flavor
  • Stir them into sauces, simmer and serve over grilled chicken or fish
  • Mix into salads for a new twist on a classic
  • Serve as a simple and flavorful side