Soup is on the Menu

Courtesy of ShopWell

Soup, the hot and steamy comfort food classic is often top of mind during the winter months for filling up while you warm up.  That’s not all, though.  Soup is also known for:

  • Containing a variety of nutrient-rich ingredients veggies and lean proteins – leafy greens, root vegetables, seafood, chicken.  You name it – there’s probably a soup that makes the most of that healthy ingredient.
  • Helping to support a weight loss or weight management diet – One of the top tips when it comes to eating out and losing weight is to start your meal with a broth-based soup to help fill you up and deliver a wealth of nutrition all with fewer calories.

Treat yourself well this winter (and all year long) with Healthy Dining soups like these at restaurants coast to coast:

When you’d rather not brave the cold, Lara at ShopWell has the tips and personally tested soup recipes you need for a healthier meal at home.  Here are some of her recommendations:

What’s your favorite soup to make that brings your warmth and cheer in the winter?