The Stealthy Healthy Burrito

Is there such a thing as a healthy burrito?

Healthy Food

By Dave Le Compte

Oh burrito, what a cylindrical delight! So many varieties; traditional, breakfast, smothered, grilled, and the controversial burrito-bowl.  Soft tortillas, sometimes steamed or lightly grilled, safely enclose delicious ingredients and keep them warm for every bite.  Although the phrase “healthy burrito” may sound odd, it’s easy to make a few minor adjustments to get the most nutrients from your burrito without going overboard on calories and fat.

How to order a Healthier Burrito:

  1. Ask for whole wheat tortillas – these are becoming more and more popular. For example, Sombrero Mexican Food and El Pollo Loco both offer them.
  2. Choose grilled chicken, fish, or tofu as your protein.
  3. Add whole black or pinto beans, cilantro, and green onions.
  4. Use plenty of your favorite salsa – salsa adds lots of flavor.
  5. Stay away from rice if you don’t have the nutrition information.  Rice can be loaded with calories, and it’s often fried with massive amounts of oil.
  6. Hold or add sparingly the higher calorie and fat choices like guac, sour cream and cheese – I order cheese on the side
  7. Don’t eat the burrito “butt” – I know it sounds ridiculous, but stop eating the last part of your burrito. It’s filled with all the drippings, extra calories and fat that have now been soaked up by the tortilla folds.