The Top Choice is… The Sesame Salad with Chicken at Outback

Dietitian menu choices at Outback.

Healthy Food

If you haven’t been to Outback lately, you may be missing out on all they have to offer. The Outback menu is so much more than just steaks and Bloomin’ Onions! From fresh and flavorful seafood to savory soups, crisp salads and classic steaks, this popular restaurant has a little something for everyone.

Today’s featured menu choice is the Sesame Salad with Chicken at Outback. This satisfying choice piles perfectly grilled chicken on top of mixed greens, red peppers, cilantro, almonds and sesame seeds. The dish is then finished with Sesame Vinaigrette. Opt for the half order of this salad for a dietitian-recommended menu choice that easily fits into a healthy lifestyle.