The Top Choice is Tilapia Piccata at Olive Garden

Today’s top choice is the Tastes of the Mediterranean: Tilapia Piccata (Dinner) at Olive Garden.

Healthy Food

Grilled Tilapia is topped with a tantilizing lemon garlic butter sauce, richly-flavored sun-dried tomatoes and capers. Request Parmesan Garlic Broccoli instead of zucchini served on the side to make this a Healthy Dining choice with lean protein and fiber-packed veggies.

Olive Garden restaurants want to bring the family to the table to talk, to laugh, to celebrate and maybe even to cry or yell a little over good food and a glass of wine. These flavorful dishes blend tradition with modern tastes to create all new classics for guests to enjoy. This popular restaurant serves a variety of choices including several dietitian-recommended items.