The Top Choice is… Tuna Salad and Cheese Sandwich at Sub Station II

Today’s top choice is the Regular Tuna Salad & Cheese Sandwich at Sub Station II.

Healthy Food

Tuna salad, provolone cheese, crisp lettuce, juicy tomato and tangy onions are piled high on a soft sub roll. Tuna is a great option for lean protein during the week. Health experts recommend eating fish several times per week for health benefits and this sure is a tasty way to get in a serving!

Since 1975, Sub Station II has been serving up tempting sandwiches that are fresh and delicious with the healthful ingredients you want. Find locations in GA, KY, NC, SC, TN, and VA. This tried and true eatery is now featured on and has worked closely with Healthy Dining’s team of registered dietitians to select the best choices for your healthy lifestyle.