Vegging Out at the Ballpark: Healthy Game Day Choices

Eating healthy at home is one thing, but what do you do when you’re heading out to catch a game at the ballpark? As someone who’s taken in countless sporting events at stadiums across the country, I know it can be a challenge to find wholesome choices between the hamburgers, French fries and cotton candy.

The good news is that even in the land of hot dogs and pretzels, you can find a variety of healthy options—and it seems like venues are expanding their choices every year. Here are some of the best offerings I’ve found at Major League Baseball stadiums.

1. Dodger Stadium

This is one of the best places in the country to see a game, and the food selection also lives up to the discerning tastes of the health-conscious Los Angeles crowd. Poke bowls are a recent popular addition to the stadium menu, and choices include a Vietnamese rice noodle bowl that’s an especially tasty option for vegetarians. Look for the gluten-free cart for simple snacks like spring rolls and salads.

2. Fenway Park

The iconic Boston landmark may be one of the oldest stadiums in the big leagues, but the food choices are always changing to keep up with modern fans. One great feature of the park is its rooftop farm, which provides organic produce for the stadium concessions and allows Fenway to offer fresh, seasonal choices at the make-your-own salad and fruit bars.Levis Stadium

3. Levi’s Stadium

The home of the San Francisco Giants is another California ballpark that’s known for having almost endless eating options. Here you can find healthy offerings like vegan “hot dogs” and “hamburgers,” and if you’re in the mood for barbecue, there’s a smoky jackfruit sandwich that really delivers. The stadium website even tells you exactly where you can find everything.

4. Target Field

Minneapolis boasts one of the newer parks in baseball, and the food choices are really a testament to how much thought the Twins put into the fan experience. Look for the veggie burrito or veggie taco if you feel like something spicy, or seek out the Herbivorous Butcher cart if you’re in the mood for a vegan Sriracha brat or vegan Italian sausage.

5. Kauffman Stadium

Even in Kansas City, the home of hearty barbecue offerings, you can find options that will leave you feeling a little lighter. Kauffman Stadium features two salads in particular that don’t skimp on taste. The barbecue chophouse salad includes smoked jalapeno relish and a zesty barbecue ranch dressing, and another great choice is the summer spinach salad, which combines strawberries, blueberries, goat cheese, spiced pecans and a poppy seed vinaigrette.

These are just some of the ballpark offerings I’ve come across lately. No matter where you’re going, I’d say the big key is to plan ahead and do a little research. Look on the team website for a listing of the foods available at the stadium, and you’ll find that many of them provide helpful information on the vegetarian options they offer.

As the founder and CEO of Event Tickets Center, Adam Young attends sporting events at venues across the country and always takes the time to sample the local cuisine. He enjoys sharing his thoughts on the entire game day experience, including the ever-expanding range of food options that are available.

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